<VV> Two questions, 1. Gas Gauge and 2. Tail lights

JVHRoberts at aol.com JVHRoberts at aol.com
Sun Oct 23 15:40:33 EDT 2005

Sounds like you have a bad right rear bulb or socket. At the very least, a  
bad ground connection. I think it's probably limited to that socket and the  
wiring directly associated to it. One of the reasons today's cars have dedicated 
 ground wires to the sockets is problems like this. OK, and plastic housings. 
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I am driving my car fairly regularly now.  I still  have two  problems.  The 
first is the gas gauge.  I have  changed the sending  unit and put a new 
on it.  I always  did have some erratic readings or  more correctly it worked 
erratically.  Now it simply doesn't work.  It  stays on E  or sometimes below 
A month ago it was working and then   started this.  If I pull the wire from 
the sending unit it goes to  full  which is what I think it should be doing 
that case.   The ground wire is  properly attached to the unibody.  I have a  
multi meter (but don't know  much about them).  If anyone knows  the cause 
correction for this I  anxiously await  information.  I gas up every time I 
anywhere in it which  is  insurance.

The second problem are the rear tail light/brake/turnsignal  lights.   At one 
time they worked but not all the time.  I  have replaced the engine  
compartment wiring harness which includes  the wires for those lights.  Now  
the original 
fixtures are  rough and that may be part of it.  I have  recently attached  
ground wire (18 gauge) around the outer fixture, soldered it  and  attached 
ends to a good ground.  This didn't change  anything.  

Here are the symptoms:
1. Head Lights  on --- both taillights on
2. Brakes applied --- left brake  light comes on,  right one does not.
3. Right turn  signal --- doesn't work (although it  is flashing on the  
4. Left turn signal --- WORKS.

Any  ideas on this?  I will replace the fixtures if those are part of   the 
problem.  I appreciate any and all help  offered.


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