<VV> Two questions, 1. Gas Gauge and 2. Tail lights

mhicks130 at cox.net mhicks130 at cox.net
Sun Oct 23 17:29:50 EDT 2005

I am driving my car fairly regularly now.  I still have two  problems.  The 
first is the gas gauge.  


The second problem are the rear tail light/brake/turnsignal lights.   


Randy Vidrine
Branch, LA 
62 Monza Coupe

The gas gauge might be the gauge itself or the grounding for it in the dash.

The turn signal and brake lights problems might be in the turn signal switch.  I had to fiddle with mine quite a bit to get the brake lights and turn signals to all work right.  I had to open up the switch and bend the leaf spring contacts this way and that.  It all worked out eventually and is still working.


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