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Sun Oct 23 18:29:49 EDT 2005

<snip>If I remember correctly, the original of this thread inquired about  
heat removal in the garage; for which roof insulation seems  like the best 
In regard to heat pumps, those which are air-to-air (the usual) require a  
fairly warm winter climate (in my experience, only specified by Mechanical  
Engineers for places like Southern California, Southern Arizona, Southern  
Southern Texas.) Not used in Albuquerque or Oklahoma City
Scotty. <unsnip>

This comment used to be true for heat pumps, but not anymore.  Many newly 
constructed homes here use heat pumps. (Northern Idaho 15 to 20F degrees 
overnight cold, occasionally down to zero)  At normal inside temperatures (68F), the 
heat strip won't kick-in until the outside temp is around 20-25F.  I keep my 
shop at 50F 24/7 and jump up to 55F when I'm out there.  At these lower 
temperatures, I don't think the heat strip in a heat pump would be kicking in until 
below 15F.

While I have a heat pump for my house, I actually use an old electric furnace 
for the shop. The thing barely runs while keeping the 33x55 main floor at 
50-55F and can bring up the temperature 10 degrees in about 20 minutes.  The 
electric furnace was free and included an a/c coil in the upper duct.  I've 
purchased an outdoor unit ($350) so now I have both cheap heat and a/c.  If I had to 
do it over again, I'd get a heat pump.  With those, heating energy is free, 
all you pay for it the energy to move it inside.
C. Nicol

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