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Sun Oct 23 19:42:59 EDT 2005

Last year, it was snowing and 14 degrees outside. I was in my garage with  
pants and T shirt on, enjoying the 70 degree space, watching my neighbor shovel  
and give me the finger. <G>
In a message dated 10/23/2005 7:09:56 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
sheridanma at adelphia.net writes:

..........................The thing barely runs while keeping the 33x55  main 
floor at
> 50-55F and can bring up the temperature 10 degrees  in about 20 
> minutes.................
> C. Nicol

There's  the key thing there. What temperature do you need? Fifty to fifty 
five  degrees Fahrenheit is plenty comfortable when working with a sweatshirt 
on. After I insulated my two car stand alone garage, I can get it that  warm 
all winter (in southern Ohio) with just two of those cheap little  ceramic 
space heaters they sell at Wallmart.

Now if you put in a  bathroom and bring in a couch and TV, you may want it a 
little warmer  :o).

Marc Sheridan


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