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In this case, with a CRI of 86, you'd be hard pressed to appreciate the  
difference, much less justify the cost. 
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The  Philips tubes you're using are good.  So is the price.   Still,
incandescent, with a CRI of 100 are tough to beat for paint touch up  and
similar activities.  Human eyes are great at compensating for less  than
ideal lighting.  A very small amount of incandescent light makes  a big
difference in CRI.  --J.B.

> JVHRoberts at aol.com  wrote:
> Save the aggravation. I have 86+ CRI, 3500K T8  fluorescents with
> electronic ballasts, and I have ZERO doubt that  incandescents NOT be
> an improvement. These fluorescents are GREAT! No  flicker, starts when
> it's very cold, and have excellent color  rendition. And, all the time,
> using less energy than standard shop  lights, and FAR less than
> incandescents.
> Got my fixtures at  Home Depot, and got my tubes online, a case of 25,
> for under $3 a  tube. Mine were the Philips ALTO, F32T8/835PLUS. GE,
> Sylvania, and  others make similar tubes. You want the high CRI
> variety, they show  colors a lot better, and are a bit more efficient.


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