<VV> RE:rear tail lights and turn signals

ericmpholz ericmpholz at netzero.net
Sun Oct 23 21:42:16 EDT 2005

If you have made sure that the ground/bulb/sockets are good, then I would
definitely check the directional switch down at the bottom of the column in
the cab.  If the wire that comes down from the wheel does not EXACTLY center
when canceled, or if the switch itself is dirty, you will experience exactly
what you described.  The switch can come off with the removal of both 1/4"
screws and releasing the wire rod from the clip.  I use electric parts
cleaner in a spray without dismantling the switch to clean it.  Then some WD
to help it move freely again.

Good lock,
Eric Holz
'63 vert

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