<VV> Re: New Garage -Man Cave, next level

Ken Campbell deltainc at grm.net
Sun Oct 23 22:58:28 EDT 2005

> I LOVE my man cave!!! Nice lighting, nice HVAC, TV, stereo, heck, I even
> work on the cars in there sometimes! <G>
Well with the high price of heating oil ... & LP, etc.,   here is one way to
save money, as explained to your housekeeper.

First:::: electric motors are rated ( more or less ) by how much heat they
put out ... so a 3 horse motor puts out about 1500 watts of heat ...  same
as that space heater you wouldn[t need to run ....

.... and it just so happens that a lot of small, adequate metal lathes use a
3 horse motor ( plus your 10 horse air compressor ) ( plus  800 watts of
lights ) ......

SO:: it follows that during the winter months, you could be either giving
$$$ to the utility companies, or you could be doing another guy thing, which
is making do-dads on your shiny new Harbor Freight or Smithy Lathe ... Oh, a
used bridgeport ( 2 horses !! ) is a good buy just now , with all the small
job shops eating the big one, thanks prez. Clinton, the chinese love us
consoomers ...
See .... you can save so much money on fuel you might be able to afford
another Harley ... oh, might also pick up some Indian Joolrey on ebay for
your housekeeper ....

Hope this Inspires you ... ken campbell, iowuh ...

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