<VV> Heat Pumps

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Mon Oct 24 08:43:38 EDT 2005

>I think you need to check out what the state of the art is capable of. 
>Heat pumps with two stage/two speed/variable speed compressors can go MUCH 
>colder and still put out good heat. In fact, check this one out:

Said there were units that went lower, just are expensive.

"Tests have shown a coefficient of performance of 2.7 at 17°F and a 
coefficient of performance of 2.0 at 0°F while maintaining high BTU outputs, "

EER = CoP /.292 so a CoP of 2.0 is about an EER of 6.8. 2.7 is about 9.0. 
Resistance heating has an EER of about 3.4. Pretty good.


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