<VV> Oil pump, it just doesn't feel right

Cepak, Tom A tom.a.cepak at lmco.com
Mon Oct 24 10:24:34 EDT 2005

I installed a new oil pump by following the instructions in the shop
manual, and by using information I pulled from the archives.  I measured
with a feeler gauge in several locations, used a few gaskets, and set
the clearance according to the shop manual.  I could be completely out
of my mind thinking something doesn't feel right, but I thought I'd ask.
When I insert a distributor shaft (distributor housing, gears, etc. are
removed) down the hole and into the slot of the oil pump, I can turn the
oil pump by hand easily.  I added oil to the engine and when I turn the
distributor shaft clockwise by hand, I can feel the gears in the oil
pump clicking together.  I attached my cordless drill to this shaft and
ran it for 30 seconds (clockwise).  I could really hear the oil pump and
I could feel a little vibration in the cordless drill.  I'm guessing
that engine noise would typically dround out the sound of an oil pump,
but it seems kind of loud to me.  When I removed the cordless drill, the
distributor shaft started rotating counter-clockwise slowly, like it had
a spring attached and was unwinding itself.  I'm guessing this was
caused by oil pressure pushing oil back into the pump?  Does this sound
normal to you guys?  Do I need to drain the oil, disassemble the oil
pump and start over?   



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