<VV> Re: New Garage -Man Cave, next level OT

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Mon Oct 24 15:21:09 EDT 2005

At 08:19 hours 10/23/2005, mhicks130 at cox.net wrote:
>  Oh, a used bridgeport ( 2 horses !! ) is a good buy just now , 
> with all the small job shops eating the big one, thanks prez. 
> Clinton, the chinese love us consoomers ...
>You are aware that George W. Bush is our prez now right?  Clinton 
>hasn't been president for like 5 years.
>Still, whoever is prez, a Bridgeport would be fun.

...I think he was "thanking" the previous chief exec for setting us 
all up to send all our consumer spent bucks to China instead of 
spreading it around locally.    Popular opinion with the deal w/China 
was that it was to help repay the kindness of Beijing for helping pay 
for all the campaign ads.

This way, you can score a Bridgeport cheaper now than then, long as 
you don't mind the questionable workmanship of the import... or in 
the case of used, consider the fact that the previous owner no longer 
needed it because he was out of business what with then service 
industry fizzling here...   ;)    Now, if it helped make Vair parts a 
little cheaper, maybe I could turn a blind eye or something.    All 
it's done is make good domestic higher quality stuff more expensive, 
while the imported hardware costs less and lasts half as long so you 
buy another, throw the old one away because it costs too much to fix 
it etc ad nauseam.

...see where this is headed?

That's why I collect-hoard original Vair stuff whenever I 
can.   Inexpensive replacements sometimes are no bargain.

tony..   no Asian stuff in my '60 4-door yet except the "Made In 
Taiwan" screwdriver in the glovebox and it was free, found it in a 

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