<VV> Re: New Garage - floor paint

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 24 14:04:53 EDT 2005

I had  a previous employer that liked painted floors -- I'd never really 
been impressed by painted floors, but after it was done, I really sort 
of appreciated it. Not that it looked cool, which it did, but spills (if 
they occurred) cleaned up easily and it was a breeze to sweep / mop.

The first time we painted it with the fancy two part epoxy stuff ($$$$) 
-- the second time, following some renovations, for whatever reason, we 
used some cheap (maybe it was even latex) 'floor enamel'. The cheap 
stuff wore as well as the fancy epoxy stuff did, and it didn't stick to 
tires as much, either.  Generally we had scraps of carpet remnant under 
the tires.

Incidentally, with the smooth painted floor, a piece of  that carpet 
remnant made a great creeper -- it'd just slide around anywhere, and 
talk about low to the floor ...

Bill Strickland

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