<VV> LM Glove Box Lock

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Mon Oct 24 17:09:38 EDT 2005

> > Very simple.....take it apart...pry  brass plate that holds springs / key
> > coded brass flat pins...

Now I agree but is a case of three simple words, "take it apart", that is 
where the problem lies.
1) I do not have the right key
2) Code is unintelligable
3) Once removed from the glove box (fortunately is unlocked) there is no 
obvious way to disassemble
4) Only crimped part is the chrome ring and that is crimped all around (and 
visible/cosmetic so do not want to just pry).

Now then, how do you "take it apart" ? or it there a pointer in a manual 
that I have missed ? Once the cylinder is removed from the lock I have no 
problem, it is how to remove the cylinder  that is the bear.


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