<VV> Corvair Document Update

southernheritage at bellsouth.net southernheritage at bellsouth.net
Tue Oct 25 18:31:05 EDT 2005

Attention Al VV'ers,
This is just an update to the progress of the Corvair document process. This is also for those who have requested the PDF files in their current form but have not as yet received them (Please let me know who has and has not received them as yet.)...
Near the end of last week, I was awakened with severe chest pains and taken to the Baptist Medical ER for testing and observation. At this time, the only thing they are telling me is that I experienced a "cardiac incident", what ever that may mean. Hopefully, I will be allowed to go home sometime tomorrow. At that time, I will be able to return to my work of sending the files to those who have requested them and continuing the project of creating a respectable looking and usable digital record for everyone to have access to.
For those who requested the current PDF files but have yet to receive them, please let me know who you are and I will get them e-mailed ASAP.
This is just a "heads-up" in case anyone was wondering what was the status and why you hadn't received anything at this time.

Kevin Spargur
'67 Monza 2-dr HT

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