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Tom Wright mail2tom at vaxxine.com
Tue Oct 25 23:00:45 EDT 2005

Greetings All.

I am now spending a great deal of time fitting the engine shrouds on, trying to correct the last butchers creative adjustments. I remember reading posts about keeping air leaks to a minimum. This includes around spark plug boots and sheet metal. I have some gaskets from Clark's that go on the lower shrouds, I assume to keep water from turning the inside of the car into a steam bath. I am guessing it is not critical enough to have gaskets on the top shrouds to seal the air flow as long as most of the sheet metal is in fairly good shape. I do notice a large gap between the top shroud and the oil cooler. I don't see any other sheet metal for the oil cooler in the assembly manual. I have the top cover for the oil cooler, I am noticing the area left open from the main blower shroud on both sides of the oil cooler.



This is nothing to worry about, or part of the grand design?

I may get out of Group Red before I make it to the page.

Tom Wright
66 Corsa 140
Corsa Ontario

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