Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Wed Oct 26 13:38:08 EDT 2005

Took first extended drive last evening (about 30 miles/55-70 mph) and did 
not see much change in CHT. #2 plug was reading 280-300F and #5 260-280F. 
Doors are removed but lower shroud is on. Starts easily but wants to idle 
for a minute or two before happy about going into gear. 60F weather.

Are these temperatures normal ? Am thinking about putting the doors back on 
but only found one reference (in Bob's book) to opening temperature - 205F. 
Also the 140 "stock engine test" does not seem to mention any cylinder head 
temperatures, all I have found are deltas. What is the normal CHT ? I have 
not seen over 300F as yet.

Back at the stock engine test. In the front are photographs of the test 
rigs. One on page 10 clearly shows a cooling fan with over 20 vanes on a 
four carb engine. Anyone know what is going on ?


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