James Davis jld at wk.net
Wed Oct 26 14:42:41 EDT 2005

The SAE 140c paper is the only GM report with cht's.  Listed at full 
throttle at 4,000 the 1960 140 cuin engine shows temperature at 
eleven separate points on the cylinder head.  The high is 425 F 
between the valves and goes to a low of 300 F at the spark 
plugs.  Where the thermister is located is listed at 402 F.
With a black fan located in a black hole, the blades don't show up in 
the photograph.  Some great photo editor simply added in the 
highlights for the blades and got it wrong.
Jim Davis

At 12:38 PM 10/26/2005, Padgett wrote:
>Took first extended drive last evening (about 30 miles/55-70 mph) 
>and did not see much change in CHT. #2 plug was reading 280-300F and 
>#5 260-280F. Doors are removed but lower shroud is on. Starts easily 
>but wants to idle for a minute or two before happy about going into 
>gear. 60F weather.
>Are these temperatures normal ? Am thinking about putting the doors 
>back on but only found one reference (in Bob's book) to opening 
>temperature - 205F. Also the 140 "stock engine test" does not seem 
>to mention any cylinder head temperatures, all I have found are 
>deltas. What is the normal CHT ? I have not seen over 300F as yet.
>Back at the stock engine test. In the front are photographs of the 
>test rigs. One on page 10 clearly shows a cooling fan with over 20 
>vanes on a four carb engine. Anyone know what is going on ?

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