<VV> Petronics on a turbo...

Joe West joew at diveaz.com
Wed Oct 26 16:37:08 EDT 2005


I can vouch for the fact that Petronix makes a HUGE difference on a turbo.
With the stock points and coil setup... under full boost, my turbo would
actually "bog" down as the boost pressure would actually extinguish or
prevent full ignition in the cylinders (one or more).

After I added the Petronix setup and a flamethrower coil (with expanded plug
gap to take advantage of the new higher spark voltage), I NEVER have any
problems under full boost.  The difference was night and day.

I'm a firm believer in the Petronix setup, although I really do need to put
a spare point plate and set of points in my toolbox in case the Petronix
ever fails.

Joe West

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