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Wed Oct 26 16:32:42 EDT 2005

Additionally, you can run a hotter coil with the Pertronix.

And along with correcting the unsteady dwell of a worn distributor, the P-II even varies the dwell a bit according to the rpm, making the improvements even 

If your points ignition is in perfect condition, moving to a P-I is likely not going to make a noticable difference, while moving to a P-II likely will.


>       Well, I think that the Petronix has much more to offer than that.  
>When we installed one in Jim's purple 140 Corsa in the parking lot a few years 
>ago at a CORSA convention, we noticed an immediate improvement in the quality of 
>the idle.  It appears that as the distributor becomes "aged", its rotational 
>slop causes the points to open (and the spark to occur) at different times in 
>each cylinder's cycle so the ignition timing is not the same for every 
>cylinder.  Since the Petronix doesn't depend on mechanical contact to open the 
>points, it keeps each cylinder's timing much more precise.
>       In addition, for turbo engines especially, the higher spark voltage 
>available at the plugs is a big advantage when running under high load and high 
>boost conditions.
>       Frank "big power needs big spark" Burkhard

>In a message dated 10/26/05 12:05:44 AM Eastern Daylight Time, ronh at 

>> You should never need a Pertronix, it's just that they eliminate a yearly 
>> check or change of the points.  It's great for those who never look under 
>> the hood.
>> RonH

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