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Wed Oct 26 16:18:45 EDT 2005

       Well, I think that the Petronix has much more to offer than that.  
When we installed one in Jim's purple 140 Corsa in the parking lot a few years 
ago at a CORSA convention, we noticed an immediate improvement in the quality of 
the idle.  It appears that as the distributor becomes "aged", its rotational 
slop causes the points to open (and the spark to occur) at different times in 
each cylinder's cycle so the ignition timing is not the same for every 
cylinder.  Since the Petronix doesn't depend on mechanical contact to open the 
points, it keeps each cylinder's timing much more precise.
       In addition, for turbo engines especially, the higher spark voltage 
available at the plugs is a big advantage when running under high load and high 
boost conditions.
       Frank "big power needs big spark" Burkhard

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> You should never need a Pertronix, it's just that they eliminate a yearly 
> check or change of the points.  It's great for those who never look under 
> the hood.
> RonH

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