<VV> Petronix Improvements

Hubert A Smith vairologist at juno.com
Wed Oct 26 23:40:40 EDT 2005

Smitty says:  I have been very vocal in the past about denying the "need"
for electronic points replacements.  People come to me at shows etc and
say" how come you don't like them"?  Heck I don't dislike them.  I just
think people put them in for the wrong reasons some times.  Sometimes a
guy will put one in when his distributor is very worn and dwell is all
over the map and then brag up the Petronix as a cure.  Then again he
might add a hot coil when he puts it in and then brag up the Petronix as
better than stock.  8 out of ten turbo owners(if they will admit the
truth) don't even know their car came with a coil that was hotter than
stock.  I still say that a points ignition in top condition is perfectly
adequate for anything but open track use.  I really resent hearing how
someone stuck a Pertronix in their old clapped out car and how much
better it ran.  It just shows that a lot of people didn't respect their
machinery enough to maintain it properly in the first place.  If you want
to put one in your car, be my guest but when you tell how much better it
made it run you may be revealing something about yourself.

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