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4carbcorvair 4carbcorvair at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 08:36:32 EDT 2005

I'm not sure if this is true or not.... From my understanding, at high RPM,
points tend to float. Not giving an acurate spark. The Pertronix, being
electric/magnetic, pics up a signal MUCH quicker than points, providing a
spark at the appopriate time. Therefore, allowing the car to smoother and
slightly better.
 I too, agree there is nothing wrong with Points in a driver. And, points
are fairly inexpensive. Hmmmm..... Anyway, To each their own. It's your car,
you can do what you want. For those who believe Points are better, by all
means use them, same goes for the Pertronix users, you like it, use it.

Ron Tinkham

66 Corsa Convertable, 140, 4sp.
 <Hi Smitty,

No reason to resent it when people say that it made their cars run better...
mine was a completely restored Corvair that I went through down to every
last nut and bolt... and it improved the performance of my Corvair. My
distributor was (and is) fine, good points, new coil and coil wires... and
still under full boost the engine would bog down. Per someone's suggestion
on this list, I replaced the stock coil with a flamethrower and added
Pertronix, gapped the plugs wider, and I received an instant performance

Could something have been wrong in my ignition system and the Pertronix
cured it? Well sure... but after replacing the coil twice to fix the
problem, that sure wasn't it. Points? No... I can set and gap them in my
sleep. Dwell bouncing around? Nope... rock solid. I'm at a loss of what
it could have been.

The fact is; even if putting in a Pertronix simply masks another problem...
if it makes your car run better... GREAT!!!

Now... all this being said; I think running points is much cooler because it
is the way the factory meant it to be.... and I'm a stock NUT.

However... My Spyder just didn't want to run under extreme conditions (like
crappy Arizona gas and full boost) on points... but it sure runs great on


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