<VV> Petronix Improvements

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Thu Oct 27 17:14:36 EDT 2005

At 06:51 hours 10/27/2005, Padgett wrote:

>>I have been very vocal in the past about denying the "need"
>>for electronic points replacements.  People come to me at shows etc and
>>say" how come you don't like them"?  Heck I don't dislike them.  I just
>>think people put them in for the wrong reasons some times.
>Funny, my 63 Corvette definitely benefited from the Delcotronic 
>electronic ignition. Coupled with the FI it would start instantly in 
>any weather and was extremely reliable. It also was supposed to be 
>used with a "hotter" coil.
>One odd thing about the Corvair is that the Corsa tachometer is a 
>transistor unit. In the mid-60s GM commonly used a passive 
>tachometer circuit with points ignitions and only used a transistor 
>circuit with the Delcotronic ignition which leads to the question of 
>whether the Corsa was originally supposed to have received the 
>Delcotronic ignition.

The Corsa tach is, component for component, pretty much the same 
thing as the Spyder tach, which chases its legacy back to 1961, IIRC.


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