<VV> Idle with Rattle

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Thu Oct 27 17:34:24 EDT 2005

And once again a little (well accidental) testing found the problem - went 
back out to find the specific speed at which the rattle was occuring (seems 
to be between 650 and 750 rpm). Happened to put foot on exhaust pipe and 
rattle went away/changed. Took foot off & came back. Gonna have to "Get Out 
and Get Under" after things cool down to find the pipe/shield/muffler 
interference but is evidently in the exhaust system. Suspect I'll put the 
doors back on the lower shrouds while there, have enough of a baseline now 
& new bushings have arrived.

Was a quite alarming sound.


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