<VV> Points to ponder

Bill Elliott Corvair at fnader.com
Fri Oct 28 17:52:35 EDT 2005

>It's distinctly possible that the point springs for the 6 cyl chevy 
>distributor we use have gotten weaker in the generic replacement parts of 
>decades later.  I'd be curious to try an original set of DELCO points from 
>the '60s on the distributor machine.  I would also wonder if DELCO spec'd 
>in different points for the 140 from the factory, but didn't list them as 
>replacement parts.  It seems like it would be awfully hard for the 
>dealership to sell a 140 corvair (with the additional expense involved) if 
>the thing wouldn't actually pull harder above 4000 than a 110 would.

You might be on the right track here. Before I went electronic, I had unacceptable performance about about 4000rpm. I went to a hotter coil (which helped at 
first then burnt the points quickly), then went to a set of heavy duty points (first from Accel then from places like the Source) which had a much, much stronger 
spring. This helped considerably...


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