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Fri Oct 28 19:17:24 EDT 2005

In a Corvair turbo, the combustion chamber pressures were probably higher  
than any other production car on the world at the time they were built. That  
alone puts the ignition requirements beyond the original design. Remember, a  
Corvair uses a standard GM ignition system, they make pretty much the same spark 
 energy as any other 6 cylinder GM car. 
In a message dated 10/28/2005 6:17:43 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
tonyu at roava.net writes:

>I  did everything on my turbo car to the point type ignition, hotter  coil,
>lower resistance ballast, different capacitor, alkyd cap and  rotor, 
>and it still
>  misfired sometimes at full boost,  and as soon as the center electrode
>rounded  over even a little  bit, the misfire at full boost ALWAYS happened.
>Until I did my HEI  upgrade. End of problem. Totally.

I was running Autolite plugs  in the Spyder, had good luck with them 
in the Plymouth w/426 engine in  that they were more resistant to 
fouling than other plugs, according to  the Mopar gang and those guys 
were right, the Autolites would hang in  there.  So, I methodically 
ran Autolite variants in the Spyder as  well after redoing and 
tweaking the engine, never a blurp with the  ignition even under hard 
boost.    Got witnesses... :)  ...including the guy who bought it who 
commented on how it would hunker  down and fly up Christiansburg 
Mountain's miles-long uphill grade on  I-81.

Again, I think that a properly functioning points ignition *will*  
work well in most instances if it's done up right.

Not to take  anything away from PEI systems but I tend to do with 
what's there until it  no longer does, then I'll think about doing 
with something else.   So far, points have done.


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