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Sat Oct 29 02:05:33 EDT 2005

Has anyone run Blue Streak points from Standard Motor Products?  I have had
very good luck with these points, run well over 10,000 miles with a hot coil
with no noticeable change in dwell or timing from the points wearing.  I
have a set in my '73 Spitfire that I have run to 5500 rpm many times with no
issues and they've been in there without adjustment for 4 years now.  If
anyone has, I'd love to get the part number for the correct points (early
60-61 style).  Standard's website lists two part numbers for the early
models, but does not indicate which is their standard (read crappy) points
and which if either is a set of the good Blue Streak points.  

Also, on the point of the windowed distributors on the V8s, we shouldn't
feel too left out on our Corvairs, none of the inline 6s got them either.
They are all just as much of a pain to adjust as our cars.

'61 Corvair 4-dr

>It's distinctly possible that the point springs for the 6 cyl chevy 
>distributor we use have gotten weaker in the generic replacement parts 
>of decades later.  I'd be curious to try an original set of DELCO 
>points from the '60s on the distributor machine.  I would also wonder 
>if DELCO spec'd in different points for the 140 from the factory, but 
>didn't list them as replacement parts.  It seems like it would be 
>awfully hard for the dealership to sell a 140 corvair (with the 
>additional expense involved) if the thing wouldn't actually pull harder
above 4000 than a 110 would.

You might be on the right track here. Before I went electronic, I had
unacceptable performance about about 4000rpm. I went to a hotter coil (which
helped at first then burnt the points quickly), then went to a set of heavy
duty points (first from Accel then from places like the Source) which had a
much, much stronger spring. This helped considerably...


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