<VV> Re: Points to ponder

Dennis & Debbie Pleau ddpleau at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 29 10:39:33 EDT 2005

If I could find anyone who carried them, that is what I would run in the 
few cars I have which still have points.


At 12:05 AM 10/29/2005, Joe & Lowetta wrote:
>Has anyone run Blue Streak points from Standard Motor Products?  I have had
>very good luck with these points, run well over 10,000 miles with a hot coil
>with no noticeable change in dwell or timing from the points wearing.  I
>have a set in my '73 Spitfire that I have run to 5500 rpm many times with no
>issues and they've been in there without adjustment for 4 years now.  If
>anyone has, I'd love to get the part number for the correct points (early
>60-61 style).  Standard's website lists two part numbers for the early
>models, but does not indicate which is their standard (read crappy) points
>and which if either is a set of the good Blue Streak points.
>Also, on the point of the windowed distributors on the V8s, we shouldn't
>feel too left out on our Corvairs, none of the inline 6s got them either.
>They are all just as much of a pain to adjust as our cars.
>'61 Corvair 4-dr

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