<VV> Help!! crank rotation question...

Cash Case cash.case at sbcglobal.net
Sat Oct 29 13:12:08 EDT 2005

A few weeks ago, maybe a month or two I posted a question about the  
crankshaft on a 110 not rotating all the way around.
I'm back into it and I bit the bullet and took the heads off. First  
head came off fine and I could find nothing in the cylinders that  
might cause a problem. I rotated the crank and it stop after one  
rotation just like before. I had a 50% chance of getting it right and  
I picked the wrong head. So, I rotated the engine around (It's  
sitting on a tailgate.) and took the other head off. again I found  
nothing, but now when I rotate the crankshaft, it goes all the way  
around. Problem solved...

Before I put this thing back together, is there anything I should  
look for that might have caused the problem? I checked the valves.  
The seats appear to all be where they belong. Maybe whatever it was  
fell out while I was tapping off the head.

-Cash Case

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