<VV> Help!! crank rotation question...

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You might want to make sure you have the same metal "ring" gaskets under the 
cylinders, make sure all the pistons come up the same amount when you turn 
the crank, so you  can visually  see that one doesn't stick up too far, for 
some reason.  That all cylinders had a gasket in them. Investigate to see if 
there is any mark on any pistons or cylinder chamber for interference; 
likewise spark plugs. Are they all the same reach?

I would take the top off the block and look inside and see if rod bolts 
clear studs, in case there is one that was in too far.  But, when you pulled 
that head, you may have turned the stud a bit out, so it doesn't 
interfere...  Kind of need to make sure and it will be hard to spot, that 
something didn't hit.

Chuck S

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I rotated the crank and it stop after one
> rotation just like before. I had a 50% chance of getting it right and  I 
> picked the wrong head. So, I rotated the engine around (It's  sitting on a 
> tailgate.) and took the other head off. again I found  nothing, but now 
> when I rotate the crankshaft, it goes all the way  around. Problem 
> solved...
> Before I put this thing back together, is there anything I should  look 
> for that might have caused the problem? I checked the valves.  The seats 
> appear to all be where they belong. Maybe whatever it was  fell out while 
> I was tapping off the head.
> -Cash Case
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