<VV> Now Space Charged Tubes

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Sat Oct 29 16:35:20 EDT 2005

>Keep in mind those first two digits refers ONLY to the filament heater
>voltage. ALL stock tube radios for cars still had vibrators, and 
>still  needed MUCH
>higher than 12 volts to the plates and cathodes to work  properly.

Some, not all. Can send a schematic for a 988414 (1961 Chevrolet) with 
plate voltages of 10.8v (12DZ6, 12AD6, 12EK6) and 9.0v (12DS7). These 12v 
units were specifically developed for automobile radios though much smaller 
low plate voltage tubes had been developed in the '40s for use with battery 
hearing aids.

We just crossed hobbies so will not go further.


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