<VV> A Corvair afternoon

Don Schaefer fry_cook at excite.com
Sat Oct 29 18:31:07 EDT 2005

 It's been a beautiful autumn day here in west central MN. I got some lawn work done in the AM so it was time for some Corvair fun. Replaced the who knows how old wiper blades, then reinstalled the lower shrouds (one new T-stat).Gotta test 'em don't ya? Drove it about 5 miles, runs rough and blows some smoke, but it was fun.Pulled a couple plugs when I got home and they are pretty oily. Cleaned them up so next drive should be better.Also noticed my trip odometer works, and the speedo works, but not the mileage odometer.Not a bad way to spend the afternoon.Don Schaefer-65 Corsa-driving is better than dreamingDon Schaefer

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