<VV> Lifters too?

Cliff Tibbitts tibbitts at qx.net
Sat Oct 29 22:12:35 EDT 2005

What a timely discussion.  I have a lifter problem of a different sort.

I am completely rebuilding an engine.  I have a reground cam and new lifters
from CU.  I can not get the lifters to go all the way in. I can feel inside
the bore and at the cam end of the lifter bore, there appears to be a small
ridge, or burr.  I had the local machine shop clean up the case halves and
install the crank, cam and crank bearings, so I did not see the burr.  Is
this common?  Is there a quick fix, or am I about to pull the halves apart

The block is a 66-110 if that makes any difference.  

Cliff Tibbitts

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