<VV> Internet scam warning - No Corvair

grant young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 30 08:45:26 EST 2005

I thought some would like to know about a mistake I made on the Internet.
Although I have a pop up blocker, I somehow came in contact with an offer
for a $50 gift certificate to Pizza Hut. Since I saw this as a good
opportunity (in a weak moment) for a modelers club meeting at the Hut, I
clicked on the link. I was immediately taken to a "survey" site, and
recognized what I had done! Although I did not complete the survey or the
process, I have started receiving over 40-50 spam messages a day (many with
multiple reply addresses). My spam blocker gets about half of them, but I
still wind up blocking and deleting the remainder. I also picked up a virus
yesterday that got past Norton (it was clipping my incoming emails and
dating everything as August 1995). I got rid of it, luckily. Warning --- do
not do this, no matter how enticing it looks, unless you want to have to
change your email address, which I plan to do in the near future.
Grant Young
Wolf Enterprises

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