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> Now that it will idle, there is an annoying vibration that is not excessive 
> (barely feel in steering wheel) but enough to rattle things between 600 and 
> 750 rpm. Below and above it goes away.  Just replaced the balancer with a 
> Dale unit and grabbing/wiggling the flex plate (PG) through the access hole 
> it does not feel loose or unusual. Have no reason to think the engine has 
> ever been separated from the engine. ODO reads 74k but who knows. Is this 
> common or where should I be looking ?
> Padgett 
Most likely IMO   sloppy Linkage....If you have a Dwyer Magnahelic  Null 
Centered   Vacume gauge or a "U-tube Manometer"  you'll see what's happening as 
you come off idle....

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