<VV> De-flashing

Dennis & Debbie Pleau ddpleau at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 30 21:08:14 EST 2005

I like Ned use a hand saw, in my case it is a keyhole say usually used for 
cutting blind holes in sheet rock.  I also use a corse hacksaw blade in a 
holder which holds it from one end.


At 06:58 PM 10/30/2005, AeroNed at aol.com wrote:
>I deflashed the heads the old fashioned way, by hand. I think it was more
>difficult to get the rat remnants out from between the fins than the 
>flash. I
>used a hand saw with a nice point ground into the end. It took some effort 
>get through some of the flash but nothing I couldn't handle.

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