<VV> Headlight switch differences

Kent Sullivan kentsu at corvairkid.com
Sun Oct 30 21:23:18 EST 2005


The '65 and '66 assembly manuals (UPC 12, section B, page 8) show two different switches: 1995122 and 1995123. The applications are listed as the former for Corsa only and latter for 500s and Monzas. The latter switch is also listed in the '64 FC assembly manual.

The same switches are listed in one of my parts books (group 2.485) for '64 Corvairs--the former for Spyder only and the latter for all other models.

What was different about the switches? It can't be manual control of the courtesy light since all Corvairs in this time period had that capability (even FCs).

Can one tell the difference by visual inspection? I have a NOS switch and I'm not sure which one I have.

Clark's and Wall's list just one repro part number for all '64 - '69 cars and FCs.



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