<VV>Toss why I din't make it

Kent Sullivan kentsu at corvairkid.com
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I have not attended for three years now. I have been limiting my solo travel
since I have two little kids at home. My wife works full-time too so if I go
away without the kids, she gets no free time. We could all four go but they
don't find it much fun if I am doing one thing and they are doing another
for a good chunk of the day.

Also, the swap meet quality has been declining over the last few years. That
has historically been my #1 reason for going. And, the big project car I was
doing is done so I also have less need for parts.

I do miss seeing everyone who I got to know in the 10 consecutive years that
I did attend. Also, the weather is great and it's a nice break from Seattle
this time of year.

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Why don't all those in the  West - Southwest part of the  nation chime in
with WHY  they didn't go?  It might help planners of events...

I didn't realize the change of dates...we scheduled a big annual inventory /
inspection....had to stick around....

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