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Sun Oct 30 23:05:42 EST 2005

if all carbs were rebuilt at the same time did the floats all get adjusted 
too high?  thats the only thing i have run into other than a loose seat . i ilke 
the viton tip needles or stock steel not the fancy ball or other radicle 
needles.  also sometimes wrong needles like quadajet get into corvair stuff and 
have larger feed holes, which can sometimes(not always) cause troubles. this can 
be hard to notice .  i use a fuel pressure gauge on a special fuel line to 
fit the left side of the engine to double check pressures if i have suspecteed 
high pressure.  i must be lucky because i have never encountered excessive 
pressure on any of my vairs.. i did get some bad gas that seemed to harden rubber 
parts , including the rubber part of the gas control valve in my gas heater 
and rubber coupling hoses once..made me think i had a bad regulator..boy that 
was exciting! could not shut off gas to the heater with engine running..creates 
a hot time in the nose of your fc. the carbs also got new viton tip needles 
after i found that.
regards, tim colson

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