<VV> Air compressor distribution lines

ChiefTAM at aol.com ChiefTAM at aol.com
Sun Oct 30 23:10:47 EST 2005

I saw a tv show, maybe on My Classic Car, Two Guys Garage, or Trucks, in  the 
last couple of months, a product that you could put in your garage or shop  
that was a rigid system to distribute air from your air compressor.  You  ran 
this piping around your garage, and every so often you could put in a  
connection.  This would allow you to run air tools, chucks, etc. around  your garage 
without running flexible hoses everywhere.
Does anyone know which system this is?  It was pretty simple to run  and 
connect to.  I have to add an air line to my new Bend Pak car lift, and  the 
connector on the lift is on the side of the lift that is in the middle of  the 
garage.  I would like to run rigid lines along the ceilings instead of  running a 
hose along the floor or having a hose dangle from the ceiling.  
Todd Miller

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