<VV> Air compressor distribution lines

Rick & Janet Norris rickjanet at charter.net
Mon Oct 31 17:50:16 EST 2005

This thread about PVC pipe has been beaten to death and resurrected again 
and again! Short term memory loss??
I am by trade an industrial pipe designer with over thirty years of 
experience in every chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and paper mill 
you can name.
I would NEVER use PVC pipe for pressurized air. It lacks physical strength 
for impact resistance, durability and is subject to ultra violet 
deterioration over time.
My home system uses 3/4" galvanized iron pipe with screwed fittings. I use 
quarter turn ball valves. I have what is called a "dirt leg" below the 
valves with a ball valve on the end for blow down. I have a ball valve 
manual drain on the bottom of my tank. The main headers all drain to a low 
point with a blow down valve. I also use a flexible connection between the 
compressor and the iron pipe.
Go to 
or Google TIP Tools and look under the technical tab then Air line hook up- 
metal piping diagram. This is how my system is piped
Iron pipe will help drop the moisture out of the air which plastic pipe will 
I use a moisture trap, regulator and a coalescing filter on my bead blaster, 
hose reel and aux drops which will clean and dry the air good enough to 
paint with.
TIP Tools has everything you need but the pipe fittings and valves can be 
procured locally at Homey De-pot and such. Correct operating pressure dry 
air and oiling for air tools will ensure long life and safe operation.

This the only way to do it safely.

Rick Norris
Senior/Lead piping designer/checker
Augusta Engineering & Design
So. Chas. West Virginia

So there!!

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