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Sun Oct 30 23:11:06 EST 2005

<snip> (Kent said/asked):
Hi, The '65 and '66 assembly manuals (UPC 12, section B, page 8) show two 
different switches: 1995122 and 1995123. The applications are listed as the 
former for Corsa only and latter for 500s and Monzas. The latter switch is also 
listed in the '64 FC assembly manual. The same switches are listed in one of my 
parts books (group 2.485) for '64 Corvairs--the former for Spyder only and the 
latter for all other models. <unsnip>

A quick glance at the schematic shows no wiring differences at the headlight 
switch between a Corsa and a Monza.  My guess is that they tailored the dimmer 
resistor for a few more instrument bulbs in the Corsa and Spyder models.  A 
quick check of the schematic shows 4 bulbs in a Monza dash and 6 in a Corsa.  
Great theory, but if you have a heater and a (Monza only) powerglide the count 
goes to 5 or 6 in a Monza vs 7 in a Corsa.  It's still a likely possiblity. 
(but just a theory)
Craig Nicol

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