<VV> Re: lifter bores on corvair blocks

N2VZD at aol.com N2VZD at aol.com
Sun Oct 30 23:19:35 EST 2005

i dont think i would attempt to make any changes to the lifter bores. i think 
 the hones you are talking about are the newer type hones sold in many sizes 
to do brake work etc. napa has them.  they aint cheap...they work great on 
iron, but i doubt they would leave a good finish on aluminum. i have some for 
corvair brake sizes.
the lifters can be stinkers sometimes to get to go in correctly but they 
should go. they do not go in perfectly straight sometimes rock them with your 
fingers after you start them to see if they go in eventually. i would hate to 
loose the factory finish of a lifter bore. the most i ever do is the cotton end of 
a shotgun cleaning kit with solvent (laquer thinner) on it.
by the way i found out by accident that recycled laquer thinner is available 
cheap at large paint stores like sherman williams etc . like about $11.00 for 
5 gallons.. great cleaning fluid ... carefully used of course.
regards, tim colson

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