<VV> Radio niggle

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Mon Oct 31 12:58:06 EST 2005

At 10:00 hours 10/29/2005, Padgett wrote:

>>By the way, the smallest car radios Delco made until the X-body car
>>radios came around were the space-charge tube type radios of the early 60s.
>Smaller than the 1957 Pontiac Sportable ?

Not quite up on many later '50s vintage car radios, at least not that 
one.   How big was it?   And was it one of those pull-outs that you 
could carry around with you, used a couple of batteries, one for 
filaments and one for B voltage?   I'd not call those genuine "car 
radios" but they did have some style and charisma of their 
own.    The later vintage Delco space charge tube type radios would 
fit inside a  shoe box with room to spare.

I have an early 1950s vintage portable radio with mini-tubes (no 
sockets, they're wired into the circuitry), uses two batteries for 
filaments and plates, about the size of a VHS videotape although a 
little thicker... most of the size is to accommodate the 
batteries.    AM only... novelty item since I'm not likely to go out 
and chase down the (expensive) batteries it requires just to see if 
it works although I'm willing to bet that it does.   Those things 
never seemed to wear out, usually got damaged/destroyed first.

I need to chase down a photo of that Sportable radio, see what it 
looks like, not seen one before.


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