<VV> Turbo Odyssey Part 28 -- Happily Ever After

Ken Campbell deltainc at grm.net
Mon Oct 31 12:21:19 EST 2005

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From: "Norman C. Witte" <ncwitte at wittelaw.com>
> The Corvair season is just about over as well. The last couple of weeks
> been exciting but frustrating for me on the turbo project.> Norm Witte
Hey, I already seen that movie ... read the book ... in fact, I * WROTE *
that book .

I truly believe that YH carb was the reason god invented the cell phone (g)

Me being a carburetor whiz and all, I tried for a couple years to tame the
dang thing, with no noticeable progress .... I also had it tuned at Small
Cars in Kansas City, who were, and maybe still are, very very good with
corvairs .... the last try was at Denny's Auto in Ames Iowa, who is a long
time corvair doctor .... it worked somewhat after that, for maybe a couple
months before it left me stranded between Marshalltown and home ...

BTW, Denny himself was driven to try the early Holley ProJection on his
turbo rig, it sort of worked ok except that the adapter installed the
projector at 90^ to the intake ... we think we had too sharp a bend ... oh,
also the idle was never quite right ... but hey, who needs an idle on a
turbo rig ... we did question that maybe the projector would have worked
installed leaning to the left anyway ...
Denny rounded out the 90^ a little and things got better, but I think it
never was as good as.... say .... an SU carb would have been .... later we
found that most of those early projectors failed in service ... I think most
were due to the black boxes.  I still have the big 85 lb injectors, I am
thinking of hooking them up to my Megasquirt box and see whot happens ...
gee, two injectors ... that would one on each intake manifold, right ??
sound familiar ... maybe mount the injectors right on your existing chrome
feeder tube near the manifolds, and use the good old YH as an air valve ...
still look "sorta" stock ....  and those 85 lb injectors would be just right
for 250 horses ... or a little much for the 180 real horses I might actually
get ...
But I digress ( again ) ... anyway, Denny sold his turbo rig shortly after
that ... I lost track of how it ended up ....
My own turbo rig is now on suspended animation , waiting for me to figure
out how my megasquirt works, it seems excitingly simple ...   and mostly
getting time for that project ....
It might be interesting to give Denny's a phone call, commiseration is
always good ... 515 233 4000, Ames Iowa ...
Or, if you get PO enough, just bolt on an SU .. again, they are on ebay all
the time, in fact I found there an adapter to the corvair turbo also .... a
racer would put on a 2 inch SU  off a Jaguar or something, but I think a
smaller SU would work just fine on a street turbo.  Oh, I remember that
Warren LeVair .. er .. LeVecque  has a mod to put on a Quadrajet, but  a
streeter corvair might not need, or want  , that much air.
Oh, and after all the above, don[t let me convince you that the carburetor
is the problem .. there are always other possibilies ... but yours is doing
exactly what mine done ... hot no starts, wait 20 minutes, starts right up
and runs fine ....
Oh OH, it's noon ... time for me to get to work ...
reargards, ken campbell ... YH 5, Ken 0, but not defeated ....   in Iowa ...

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