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Doug Mackintosh dougmackintosh at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 1 12:29:46 EDT 2006

My '62 Monza has one taillamp (stop/turn signal) which has been modified by removing the original socket and installing a metal socket which has a ground tab at the end of the housing. The PO spliced this socket into the original harness, and added a spade connector to connect a permanent ground wire to the socket itself, using the tab on the socket. 
  I would like to make this same modification to the other lamp, but I can't find the correct socket. I have read that some old Chrysler sockets might be the correct one, and I have found listings for sockets to fit a 1975 Chrysler Newport (etc) which fits the correct 3/4 diameter hole. But I can't tell from the information whether they have a ground tab or just depend on the snap fit to the housing for a ground path.
  Who knows the correct ID for the sockets with ground tab?

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