<VV> Pertronix II installation woes

john vujovich johnvujovich at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 1 13:09:59 EDT 2006

Trying (unsucessfully) to install a Ignitor II / Flamethrower II setup.  I 
have followed the wiring directions exactly and all are clean and tight on 
my 65 Corsa 140.
Heres the issue--During 1-2 second start attempts, all I get is a case of 
rapidly heating wires coming from the control module inside the distributor 
cap accompanied by smoke.
I am hoping that I haven't already fried this thing.  Same thing happened 
last yr using the previous version of Pertronix; yet I ran one for a couple 
of yrs w/o any issues.
I am taking all suggestions to help me get my Vair back on the streets..
Thanks for any/all advice!

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