<VV> Pertronix II installation woes

Michael Kovacs kovacsmj at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 1 15:55:23 EDT 2006

   I just rewired my '69 Fitch ( Corsa wiring and dash) today. It was really simple. I disconnected the stock wiring to the + side of the coil and taped it so it can not cause a short as it will be HOT unless you disconnect it at the source of power.
   Next I ran a switched 12 V line to the coil (this must be hot when the ignition is on and cold when the ignition is off).
   Then the red pertronics 2 wire to the positive of the coil and the black negative wire to the negative side of the coil. The external condenser goes to the + side. It has no function to run the engine.
   Remember to put the tach wire on the negative post, not the positive post.
   Start the car.
   Anybody else want to comment?????
  john vujovich <johnvujovich at hotmail.com> wrote:
Trying (unsucessfully) to install a Ignitor II / Flamethrower II setup. I 
have followed the wiring directions exactly and all are clean and tight on 
my 65 Corsa 140.
Heres the issue--During 1-2 second start attempts, all I get is a case of 
rapidly heating wires coming from the control module inside the distributor 
cap accompanied by smoke.
I am hoping that I haven't already fried this thing. Same thing happened 
last yr using the previous version of Pertronix; yet I ran one for a couple 
of yrs w/o any issues.
I am taking all suggestions to help me get my Vair back on the streets..
Thanks for any/all advice!


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