<VV> Re: VirtualVairs Digest, Vol 18, Issue 2

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Sun Jul 2 11:18:00 EDT 2006

>Heres the issue--During 1-2 second start attempts, all I get is a case of
>rapidly heating wires coming from the control module inside the distributor
>cap accompanied by smoke.

Injector II and Flame II are designed to work with each other and directly 
on 12v. You run a (non-resistor) 12v switched power to the + side of the 
coil and the red lead from the PII to the same terminal. You then run the 
black lead to the - side of the terminal. If you have a tach, its lead goes 
to the - terminal also but I would leave off for initial checkout. You do 
not need the external coil condensor.

You need to be careful about the PII wiring in the distributor and as the 
instructions say you need to take a small file and relieve the opening for 
the wires in the distributor cap to avoid pinching. It is designed for one 
small wire and the PII has two larger wires.

If they have gotten pinched/shorted at the cap opening then the PII is 
probably OK (coil might not be) but you may need to apply new insulation to 
the wires if it has melted.

Good luck,


If the wires (red and black) 

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