<VV> FNader plate

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Mon Jul 3 12:35:07 EDT 2006

At 05:12 hours 07/02/2006, Gary Swiatowy wrote:
>I was at a car show today and walked by this odd license 
>The plate was mounted on the car upside down!
>write it down on paper and turn it upside down..........
>More than one way to beat the DMV!

Not in VA.   They have a pack of what must be evangelists or 
something that look at license plate applications in mirrors, 
upside-down, check other languages etc.

My brother tried to get 3MTA3, no good, turned him down.    I've seen 
a few VA personalized plates that must have been early issues, what 
with rather interesting references on them...  seeing as how of late 
there's been a crackdown on what can and cannot appear on a VA 
license plate.   Spoilsports.

There is no joy in mudville.

They've even made some plates "ungrandfathered" and recalled them 
after the fact, such as the VA plate 2DYKES which the DMV recalled 
(after much protest from the two ladies who jointly owned the Jeep 
Cherokee to which the plate had been registered) following a 
complaint from some woman who saw it and didn't like it.   BS 
complaint if you ask me...

...a personalized VA plate I saw on a car at a local Taco 
Bell  ;)  with a Hollins College bumper sticker  (reknown for having 
been an upper-crust girls school for over a hundred years) that 
showed LES BEAN managed to sneak by...

Closest Vair sort in VA that I'd seen was another FNADER and FRALPH, 
both VA personalized plates on lates, both seen at VA Vair Fairs.

...I've not seen either of these plates at any shows for some time 
now, wonder if the DMV recalled them as well.   ;)


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