<VV> What the Heck are Those Things?

John Neal nealj at twcny.rr.com
Mon Jul 3 20:12:03 EDT 2006

After a short 26-year break in Corvair ownership, I'm back in the game with
a 66 Monza 110 Convertible.  While evicting the squirrels and their nuts
from the engine compartment and trunk, I discovered some large cannisters in
each fender corner, front and back, bolted right in there like they belong.
Sturdy as they are, they do not seem to actually connect to anything or
serve any obvious purpose.  I don't remember these on my last Corvair - a
beloved 65 Monza - and could not find them in the shop manual or parts
catalog.  Does anybody know what the heck those things are?


John Neal
Syracuse NY

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